Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services


Cyber attacks are a regular occurrence for business. If successful, they access, control and destroy your sensitive information. This could jeopardize your integrity, privacy, reputation, business opportunities and even breach the applicable law. We can offer the following cyber security services:-

Penetration Testing: Our qualified security expert conducts authorized simulated attack exercise manually to exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system or applications.

Vulnerability Assessment: Utilize automated tools to detect and identify weaknesses on your network, web servers and applications that hackers could potentially exploit, by relying on a database of known security vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Solutions: Propose and Implement cybersecurity solutions to protect clients from cyberattacks.

Awareness Training: Customize programs for your company to promote a stronger cybersecurity culture, educate your staff about security awareness and drive their behavioral change.

Incident Response: Work to protect clients both before and after a data breach which includes assisting clients with the development and/or improvement of data privacy practices and Quick Reactionary Response Plans. Minimize the risk of a data breach and to put the clients in the best position to respond if a breach occurs.