About Us

Company Profile

Lawe William Enterprises Limited (formally known as Luen On Investment Company Limited and MAF Credit Limited) was incorporated on 3rd October 1962. We became a listed company in Hong Kong through an initial public offering in 1972, but subsequently delisted in the Far East Exchange Limited and the Kam Ngan Stock Exchange Limited and became a public company limited by shares. At present, we have over one thousand five hundred shareholders, consisting many famous institutional investors.

We carried on financial business in the 1970s and then changed to manufacturing kerosene lamp and other metal productions and trading through its subsidiaries and factory in the early 21st century. After the manufacturing and trading businesses were sold out, we then started to carry out the following businesses:

  1. Company Services
    (1) Commercial Consultancy Service
    (2) WeChat Commercial Promotion Service
    (3) Company Web Design Service
  2. Legal Translation Service
  3. Intellectual Property Agency Service
  4. Immigration Service
  5. Cyber Security Service